ARCH 447 / DEC. 2013

The original driving force behind my project was to create beautiful objects that could double as a small container. I decided to use the form of an icosahedron due to the shape of equilateral triangle facets. Those facets had a simple enough shape which allowed me to replicate them by hand on the table saw and basically mass-produce small containers. The containers are roughly the size of a baseball and have removable facets that open and close using magnets.

The form of the small containers was carried over into the lamp as well. The wood components were cut precisely using a CNC machine. It was important that the triangles fit together perfectly due to the scale of the object. The lamp is slightly smaller than a volleyball and a single facet was replaced with removable frosted acrylic which emits the light from the soft white LED bulb inside. The form of the metal stand allows the lamp to be pivoted around to direct light wherever desired.